I hope I will live long enough that she has some memory of me ~ When breath becomes air.

I have read Paul Kalanithi’s classic recently and the one sentence that touched me the most is that the author who is on his death bed, prays that he wants to…

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t use emojis nowadays hence it has become an integral part of any conversations in the form of webchats, SMS, and emails, etc.

It is very continent to use one emoji like this😂instead of tying a whole a lot of sentences and Emojis are very expressive as it is available in a huge variety and the colors to cater to any needs.

With cross-platform messaging becoming the primary mode of communication with friends…

Nature is like a kaleidoscope it just reflects the actions which you input to it. Say you plant a tree it gives back fruit and shelter. Burn a tree it gulps some more oxygen and spits carbon back.

I am going to cover one of such kind examples from the…

Let’s be real, no matter where you’re working from, you’re still doing just that… working!

So, should you work from home or work from the office? It honestly comes down to what environment you’ll be most effective in, along with what industry you’re in. …

It is not worthy to win every battle when some of the wins lead your way towards losing the War. All the small things don’t count either. If you are battling a war you have the take back in the few battles to make your self-equipped for the sucker punch…

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With the recent invasion of the pandemic and the amount of damage, it has caused to the economy the importance of having a side hustle or a passive income is one of the important skills to master in the art of survival.

The stock market is one of the important…

While we are on the last working day of this year. When I look back, the last year has been sort of a roller-coaster ride both in personal and official life with a lot of learning opportunities. New country, a new company, new friends, new technologies. Huge thanks to Friends, Family, and colleagues and to the members for the #routergods group. Here is a summary of how my professional year 2019 has been. Looking forward to the New Year and wishing you all a happy new year 2020.

Projects Handled:

Enterprise wireless refresh/installation.

Cisco ISE implementation.

Wan optimization solution.

Migration to SD-WAN from a traditional WAN.

SD-WAN migration to Cloud.

New Products handled:

Cisco SD-WAN

Cisco WAAS

Cisco ISE.

Cisco traditional Wireless and Meraki

AWS networking


Certified Meraki Network Operator (CMNO)

Certified in Cisco SD-WAN Operation and…

Pandian GK

Network engineer by profession and professional in starting new hobbies. I hope writing will stay longer than others.

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