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Pandian GK
1 min readJul 24, 2020

While we are on the last working day of this year. When I look back, the last year has been sort of a roller-coaster ride both in personal and official life with a lot of learning opportunities. New country, a new company, new friends, new technologies. Huge thanks to Friends, Family, and colleagues and to the members for the #routergods group. Here is a summary of how my professional year 2019 has been. Looking forward to the New Year and wishing you all a happy new year 2020.

Projects Handled:

Enterprise wireless refresh/installation.

Cisco ISE implementation.

Wan optimization solution.

Migration to SD-WAN from a traditional WAN.

SD-WAN migration to Cloud.

New Products handled:

Cisco SD-WAN

Cisco WAAS

Cisco ISE.

Cisco traditional Wireless and Meraki

AWS networking


Certified Meraki Network Operator (CMNO)

Certified in Cisco SD-WAN Operation and Deployment (ENSDW) v1.0

Silver Peak SD-WAN Professional

Certified in Implementing Cisco Virtual Wide Area Application Services

Black belt in SD-WAN deployment stage-2

Certified in Presentation skills from Harward Business review.

Course on Learning How to Learn from the University of California San Diego

Junior Yellow below in Silambam (Martial arts).


Google Cloud Summit Singapore.

.NEXT On Tour Singapore 2019

Cisco HyperFlex Technical Exchange.



Pandian GK

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